Moral Conflict Series of Team Strategy Board Games

It is a time of decision! Will you relive or will you reshape history?


The stakes are high as you take your role as a leader of a great power in the darkest days of the 20th Century. A Moral Conflict game can be played in either a co-operative or non-co-operative way. The rules you need to play are not difficult but Moral Conflict requires many skills to master the dimensions and the game. In this fast moving, non-turn based educational game, opportunities are continuously presented to make decisions and act. You can sit on the sideline and watch as world events occur. You can co-operate with other players to defend and develop your lands, or you can trust no one but yourself, as you build up your power and influence around the globe.
How will you guide your power?

Realistic Five Dimensional Second World War Games

Set your heart and mind on one or more of the 5 dimensions:

Military War: great land, sea and air battles.
Economic Crisis: the struggle for strategic resources and economic growth.
Diplomatic Pressure: coerce or persuade new nations into trade or war.
Technology Race: develop new weapons or production methods.
Moral Conflict: the eternal fight between good and evil.

Start out with only the Military dimension, and as your skills and courage grow, you can add the other dimensions to your game. As the intricacy increases with added dimensions, enjoy the growing challenge to plan more strategically, think more long-term and more effectively leverage the interdependency of the dimensions. The interplay of each dimension on another, makes each game session different and gives the opportunity to test your skills as players use different resources and skills to gain advantage.

The Moral Conflict Series

Intense, fast moving and exciting playing time are possible when all players in an alliance take their turn together, allowing for great co-operation and interactions among all players and leaving little downtime for waiting and mindless watching.

The four Moral Conflict “reality change” games give increasingly detailed and realistic representations of the five dimensions of the Second World War period.

Moral Conflict Title Image

Moral Conflict: for new strategy board game players

Can you make decisions in all five dimensions?

Compete or co-operate to develop your world power. This starter version has all the essentials of the five dimensional games with simpler mechanics and rules.

Moral Conflict 1939 Title Image

Moral Conflict 1939: for strategy board game players

Are you equipped for life in all five dimensions?

Have an exciting and fun combination of skill and luck in this fast moving game. Moral Conflict 1939 is an engaging strategy game that encourages intense and amusing interactions with other players.

Moral Conflict 1940 Game Box Cover Image

Moral Conflict 1940: for experienced strategy game players

Who will live together in all five dimensions?

Experience a perfect combination of skill, planning and tactics.
This game constantly presents players with juicy decisions to influence their powers destiny in a world in danger of slipping into the depths of evil.


Moral Conflict 1941: for sophisticated strategy board game players

Are you ready for war in all five dimensions?

Pursue limitless possibilities with relentless intellectual challenges to grow in military skill, negotiation, teamwork and master the 5 dimensional interaction with other players.

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