Five dimensional historical “Reality Change” board games

Lead one of the great powers to victory in all five dimensions


Players see the price of aggression and are helped to find alternatives to reach their goals, through diplomacy, negotiation and co-operation, trade and economic success. Play in team as their effect on team and the other dimensions is dramatically displayed. You are challenged to master all five dimensions and win the game which encourages growth in the skills of interpersonal relations. A wide range of moral values provides the motivation for learning and skill development.

Military War

Pit your skills against each other in great campaigns and battles. Who is the master of military strategy?

Economic Crisis

Compete or trade to acquire the special resources required for military success or economic growth. The price of military war is clearly seen and the player whose power amasses great wealth, can win without fighting costly wars.

Diplomatic Pressure

Coerce neutral nations into trade or conflict. There is excitement when you win a major ally and the pain when they treacherously change sides.

Technology Race

Powerful new technologies can be developed to increase military strength or economic growth and efficiency. Can you be the first to develop the breakthrough that will herald a new age?

Moral Conflict

Choose your role in the eternal 5 dimensional battle between the powers of darkness and light. Seizing power through violence and treachery is contrasted with close co-operation, trust and self sacrifice in the search for peace.
The interplay of all 5 dimensions is the unique Playford Games experience.

Reality Change

Real time role playing for the 21st Century player

There are great possibilities to learn, develop character and vital skills which have everyday personal impact. Teamwork, strategy, diplomacy, negotiation and planning are practiced in the battle between good and evil.

Each game comes with an extra historical guide book which also teaches strategy in 5 dimensions and how you can master each dimension to win the game and in real life.

Moral Conflict Title Image

Moral Conflict The popular version for new strategy board game players

It is a time of decision!

Compete or co-operate to develop your world power in the darkest days of the 20th Century. In this easy to learn game players can add one dimension at a time as they hone their strategy and negotiation skills, while weighing their heart and that of their opponents with every move.

Moral Conflict 1939 Title Image

Moral Conflict 1939 the standard version for strategy board game players

Are you equipped for life in all five dimensions?

Enjoy an exciting and fun use of skill and luck to strengthen your alliance and outwit your opponents!

This game for everyday players provides an engaging and enlightening experience for learning and recreation. It encourages both intense and amusing interactions among the players.

Moral Conflict 1940 Game Box Cover Image

Moral Conflict 1940 the streamlined version for experienced strategy game players

Who will live together in all five dimensions?

Experience many surprises when you use a combination of skill, planning and tactics to perfect your strategy!

This game constantly challenges players to be inventive in developing strategies and creative decisions to influence their power’s destiny in a world in danger of slipping into the depths of evil.


Moral Conflict 1941 the deluxe version for sophisticated strategy board game players

Are you ready for war in all five dimensions?

Pursue limitless possibilities of strategic challenges, military maneuvering, savvy negotiation, and teamwork to achieving mastery of five dimensional interactions with your opponents and allies.

This game pushes players to the limit of their game playing abilities; turning them into generals, diplomats, business and technological leaders who can distinguish good from evil, and who carefully weight the outcome from their moral decisions.