Moral Conflict

Moral Conflict is a blend of civilization strategy games in a history dominated by war. Players can compete or cooperate as they develop their world power from 1941 onwards. Diplomatic and negotiation skills are critical, even as players rely on their military and economic power. Players can invest in technology breakthroughs to leapfrog their opponents.  All the while, the hearts of the players are weighed as their position on the path of the heart may be changed from turn to turn!

Moral Conflict is more than a war game, noted Brian Colon, an IT consultant in Texas, “You are leading a whole country; not just an army!” As the head of the state, you make mission-critical and influential decisions. Alan George of California agrees. “I’ve been playing war games from Avalon Hill and Strategy and Tactics since I was a teenager. Moral Conflict has been a great game to share and teach my son history and that decision-makers sometimes have to think outside of the box.

Moral Conflict presents a unique blend of 5 dimensions in a civilization game, which encourages cooperation in the face of war and treachery.

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Paul Schulzetenberg


Viele Freiheiten

Moral Conflict ist Spiel in dem man viele Freiheiten genießt.
Allein in der Diplomatie Phase kann man schon den ganzen Verlauf des Kriegs komplett ändern.
Hatte Spiele in dem Auf einmal der Deutsche eine höhere Moral hatte als die Engländer und die USA auf einmal von der Karte gefegt wurden (von den Engländern XD).
Genau diese Freiheit im bezug auf Handeln
und die Möglichkeiten nicht nur durch Militär, Einfluss auf das Geschehen auszuüben.

Diplomacy and negotiation make this game.

The real reason to play this game is the diplomacy….the diplomacy and negotiation is what makes the game worth a second look. The game is remarkably open and fluid, in a way that is very unique for World War II games.”

A fast-moving and fluid gameplay.

Once the game is set up, the play can be very swift leading to a fast-moving and fluid gameplay. As a simulation of WW2, it’s interesting to see how that war could have played out in a number of different ways; I had fun as the Axis powers fully blockading Britain and halting the D-Day invasions.

A lot of decisions to choose from.

” Being able to determine a nation’s fate in war is tricky enough, but that is only 1 of 5 dimensions! When played with all five dimensions it brings a new life to the game and with a lot more decisions to choose from, further allows you to feel like you are actually in command of whatever nation you are leading.

Tense, complex, and intriguing
“The unique element of the game is the interplay of five different tracks–economic, moral, military, technological and diplomatic…. I appreciated the way my actions were influenced by my unique position, but I had the freedom to play either with or against the historical narrative. I recommend the game to people who like a tense, complex, and open-ended wargame.”

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