When Cheetahs hunt their prey, they can run faster than any other animal. Herds of gazelle leaped from side to side to escape them but the last gazelle became their prey.

Entferne abwechselnd Plättchen vom Brett. In jeder Runde scheidet der Spieler aus, der das letzte Plättchen aufhebt.

Game Overview



The winner is the only player left in the game.

Players share the use of 64 tiles in any color.

Start of Round

Randomly place all the tiles Each player removes a tile from the board.


Players take turns removing tiles in a round until one player is eliminated from the game. Remove all adjacent tiles found on an orthogonal straight line, from any row or column. A straight line has at least two tiles. The colors of the tiles make no difference to play.

The last player to remove a tile is out of the game.

End of Round

Game Designer

David Stennett

Dave lives in Munich, Germany where he founded Playford Games to publish the Moral Conflict series of 5-dimensional strategy games. These days Dave devotes his time to the continuous development of the Ancient World Streaming System.