The frozen waters, where icebergs drifted past rocky islands, teemed with fish. Inuit fishermen cast out their fishing nets to catch a shoal of the same fish. Then they traded their catch, to get a balanced diet of all four sorts of fish and as many of their favorite fish as possible.

Push a row of tiles to stir the waters, before taking a number of adjacent tiles in the same color.

Overview of the Game


Players take turns with the first player starting at step 2.

  • Step 1 Stir the Waters

  • Step 2 Catch the Fish

  • Step3 Trade at the Fish Market



The winner has the most valuable fish in their igloo, when no more fish are left on the board. Players gain:

  • 1 for each of their family’s favorite fish

  • 10 for each set of all four fish

  • 1 for all fish not in the sets.d.

Players share the use of these fish, nets, islands & icebergs:

Players randomly place all the fish on any open square on the board. Then the last 4 open squares are filled with an island or an iceberg.


Players must be careful which fish they catch and be prepared to trade selflessly to share their catch equally. Everyone loses, unless everybody has equal-value fish in their igloo, when no more fish are left on the board.

Game Designer

Daniel McKinley

A teacher during the day and game designer at night, Daniel creates many of his games in his dreams! Daniel lives with his wife and two kids in Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA.