Dark shadows fell over the Hebrew kingdoms as King Shelmaneser V campaigned with his Assyrian armies. Many fled in distress to their homelands as even light was darkened by clouds.

Race your horsemen towards their homelands, diagonally across from their starting positions.



Players take turns to turn over lands or move their horsemen over the lands towards their homelands. The last player to place a horsemen has the first turn.

  • Step1 Position Dice

  • Step 2 Roll Dice

    Action A Turn over Land or Action B Move Horseman

  • Step 3 Check Progress



The first to move both horsemen to their homelands wins.

Both players lose, when the store is empty.

Each player receives horsemen either, as two pairs of horsemen tiles in their player colors or as 2 ivory or 2 black figures.

Place the supply disks aside in the store. Randomly place the lands in a 5 × 5 area with all rocky terrain face down.

Players share the use of 6 supplies, 4 dice & all 25 lands A, B & C page 21.

Game Designer

David Stennett

Dave lives in Munich, Germany where he founded Playford Games to publish the Moral Conflict series of 5-dimensional strategy games. These days Dave devotes his time to the continuous development of the Ancient World Streaming System.