Celtic wizards, peered into cauldrons of fast swirling liquid, searching for signs of the king’s family, kidnapped by Viking raiders.

One player is a Viking, moving the tiles, while the other players are wizards, working together to locate tiles. Either the team of wizards or the Viking win.

Game Overview

Start of Round

With each turn, the Viking player moves tiles, making it difficult for the others to locate them. Play three turns more than the number of players, unless modified by the tiles found.

Schritt 1 Wirbeln der Zeichen

  • Step 1 Swirling Signs

  • Step 2 Find Signs

  • Step 3 Check Signs

End of Round



The Viking wins, and all the wizards lose when the wizards turn over the dragon tile.

All the wizards win, if at least one wizard is still in play, when no turns are left to play.

Players share the use of these six signs:


Game Designer

David Stennett

Dave lives in Munich, Germany where he founded Playford Games to publish the Moral Conflict series of 5-dimensional strategy games. These days Dave devotes his time to the continuous development of the Ancient World Streaming System.